Fishing Journal

Below are journal entries from a frequent fisherman, environmental writer and author, Ted Williams.

June 5, 2002

Out from cove I got a nice one about 15 inches.  Terrific fight.  He took bead-head black Wooly Bugger when I casted to his rise.  At buoy one grabbed it as I was picking up paddle.  Hooked it and had it on for 15 seconds.  Wallowed near canoe–about 16 inches.  Hooked another on elk-hair Caddis.  Strong, big fish that took me into the grass and broke off.  Put on new barbless Caddis the steelhead guy had sent me.  Got a 16-incher.  Fat and beautiful.  Meanwhile and been catching smaller fish consistently.  Got another 12 or 13 incher.  Finally hooked another 16 incher on the Caddis.  Great fight.  Landed it.  Heard barred owl.  Pileated woodpecker chopping.  Osprey hovering.  Got calm.  Lots of gnats.  A few rises, but not like I expected.  Got a few more 10 or 11 inchers.  Looked like it was raining at dusk in front of camp.  I think they were mostly small trout.  Great day.

June 6, 2003

Warm, sunny but clouds in p.m.  To Trout Lake along at 6:30.  Saw pileated fly across road.  Easy drive.  Arrived at about 1:30.  I was about first one here.  Ate lunch.  Out on lake.  Warm, cloudy, still.  Perfect conditions.  Used big muddler.  Got nine nice 12-14 inchers.  And about six bigger, very red ones.  One of the biggest arched out of water and inhaled fly.  Another one got tangled in the anchor rope but at the end and I got it anyway.  Saw beaver.

June 4, 2004

To Trout Lake at 8:20.  Tiger swallowtail butterflies “puddling” on road.  Out on lake about 3:00.  Fantastic fishing.  Got three big ones on Big Muddler.  Went to small dry on 7X to match small mayflies coming off;  and got some nice ones, including an 17-incher.  Cold.  Back to buoy.  Saw moose in bay.  Tried large Adams.  One of the big ones sucked it in, and took me to the reel, then broke me off because there was a little drag.  After that I was more careful.  Went to 3X and a Hornburg.  To right of buoy as you face shore.  Biggest one of day, at least 18 inches, sucked that in.  What a fight.  In at dusk.  Very cold.  Had to warm up in front of fire.

Sept. 7, 2007

To Trout Lake at 5:00 a.m.  Partly cloudy, ave. temp.  Got there about noon.  A bit too much wind.  Kevin and Richard showed up.  Had scotch.  George got there an hour or two later.  Out about 5:10.  Calmer now.  Wind from west, so cove calm.  A few rises next to shore.  Got a really nice 15-incher on Hornberg.  Got another good one and an okay one.  Had one or two on.  Got three or four little ones.  Just before dark got another good one about 14 inches blind casting muddler.

June 6. 2008

Cold rain.  Left for Trout Lake alone at 6:30 a.m.  Ate lunch.  No rain but cloudy and 54 degrees.  Out about 2:15.  Absolutely unbelievable fishing.  Constant 15-inch fish eating Hornberg with yellow tail, fished waking and dry.  Stayed till dark.  Alain and Michael came about 6:00.   They had good fishing, too.

June 5, 2009

Left at 5:00 a.m. for Trout Lake.  Cool, cloudy.  But got warmer on way up.  Not much wind.  Perfect conditions when I got there at 12:15.  High, thin overcast.  Fairly warm.  Light, variable winds.  Drifted over bay with Hornberg, and got a good one right away.  Steady action on very good fish until 8:00.

June 3, 2011

Cold. 49 degrees. Windy.  To Trout Lake alone at 5:15 a.m.  Got there about 11:40.  Louie and Phil Gascon, Alain, Terry and Mike there.  Had drink.  Out about 4:00.  Horrible wind, hard paddling.  Anchored at buoy and started catching nice trout on big, white Muddler.  Got a huge red one.  Good fishing.  Then calmed down for an hour, and great fishing with floating Hornberg.  Caught a couple dozen really nice trout.  Great day.

June 6. 2011

Bright and calm.  I skipped very late lunch and went fishing about 3:00.  Used bead-head Wooly Bugger and got two good ones at inlet cove.  Fish came slowly for first two hours.  Drifted in from buoy and saw rises.  Fished with Muddler floating on 5-lb.  Got several good ones and a beautiful 18-incher.  Anchored by bench and got a good one.  Then hooked another huge one that broke off.  Got pattern of casting out to cover and chugging muddler.  They jumped on it.  Got three or four.  Lost count at 18.  Waxing crescent moon.  Beaver making silver wake.