For Sale

Limited number of cottage property lots now being offered

Trout Lake and its surrounding 300 acres of forest have been part of a family patrimony for more than 120 years. The protection and sharing of this natural environment, the lake, the fauna, the flora and the forest, for future generations, is at the heart of our property sale.

It is a rare offer of natural wealth.

Each of the lots is completely forested, where the vegetation lies on rock cap near the surface and offers a unique natural setting. A mixed forest on flat land is found near the lake, south of the road. On the north side, the terrain is hillier and the forest becomes a magnificent sugar maple grove. A working maple sugar shack is nearby.

Please note that the white pine, a majestic tree once common in the area, is specifically protected to ensure its continued growth. No clear-cutting is allowed; only a 20% maximum, non-selective, forest clearing to allow for construction is permitted.

The peace and quiet so cherished by country cottage owners will be a protected right for you. In addition to existing regional and municipal regulations, each property will be sold according to a notarized contract containing several regulations and obligations. Thus, each property owner will be assured that his neighbors will live under the same conditions and benefits.

In the interest of not disturbing the natural setting, the lakeshore will be protected to minimize the visual and environmental impact of any construction. Despite this, not only will you have the freedom to roam your own property, but in addition, a notarized easement will grant you access to enjoy the lake and the surrounding land of near 300 acres.

The regulations and obligations included in the easement will be for the enjoyment of all property owners and the protection of the natural resources.

The lots vary in size and cost, the smallest lot is approximately 5000 square meters, slightly more than an acre. Each lot must have an artesian well for potable water needs and an approved septic system. Every installation must meet government environmental standards. Electricity will be available.

Each property is approximately 60 meters wide with a minimum depth of 75 meters.

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